Apr 21, 2010

Police Cars

German police car ..Lamborgini gallardo max speed 320 km/hr
Japan police car... Lancer EVo  IX ...
France Police car Peageut  sports gt,,

Spain police car ..audi TT ..

England Police car Porsche

India Police Car...thats not car..its a jeep....ultimate vachicle...
సాంకేతికం గ మన దేశం అభివృద్ధి చెందుతున్నా.. ఇంకా ఈ పాత కాలం నాటి జీపులనే మన పోలీసులు వాడుతున్నారు.. అందుకే మనదేశం లో నేరాలు ఘోరాలు తగ్గట్లేదు...


  1. Good info.. thanks for sharing akka!!

  2. Hello Sister
    Good Info. But We have to Use Jeep / Car Which suited to Our InfrAstructure (Roads).
    Is It Good POLICE GOING TO RURAL AREAS (VILLAGES) With Those SPORTY CARS? ... So India Jeeps quite useful in Costwise also.
    Brother Kotamraju

  3. No, that's not jeep - it is probably Mahindra.
    Mostly I have seen Indian police use Maruti Gypsy.
    Jeep is a brand of Chrysler company. As far as I know, they are not widely sold in India.